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Social capitals improve social mobility in China

Lead researcher

Completed project

MPhil thesis

More research details are available upon request

Abstract: Drawing from the widely used Origin-Education-Destination (OED) model of examining social mobility, the current reports on a study conducted using secondary data analysis on a population cohort in the Chinese context. In addition to education, the conceptual framework highlights social capitals, as potential moderators of the role of Education in the OED model. Results from the quantitative analysis suggest a weakening applicability of the OED model in predicting both absolute and relative social mobility in the Chinese context. However, more access to, and more mobilisation of, social capitals were effective in facilitating social mobility. The findings therefore suggest in the Chinese context an overreliance on OED model (in the broader context of social mobility) may risk disadvantaging students from less represented backgrounds in attaining equal socio-economic opportunities.

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