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Early home learning environment predicts future mathematical development

Zhao, Y.V. & Gibson, J. (2023). Early home learning support and home mathematics environment as predictors of children’s mathematical skills between age 4 and 6: a longitudinal analysis using video observations and survey data. Child Development.

Play more and play better: why play in early years is important for children's future language, mathematical and mental health development?  (Doctoral thesis)

Zhao, Y.V. (2022). Play more and play better: why play in early years is important for children's future language, mathematical and mental health development? (Doctoral thesis). 

Measuring playful learning and teaching in primary classrooms

Jukes, M.,Betts, K., Dubeck, M.P., Edwards, L., Yoshikawa, H., Gjicali, K., Kim, S., Mahbub, T., Montagut, M., Moran, C., Patanka, K.U., Rosenbach, S., Saleh, H.M., Strouf, K., Zhao, Y.V. (2022). Playful Learning Across the Years (PLAY) Measurement Toolkit: Full Report.

Learning trajectories by children's initial achievement, private/government education provisions and sociodemographic backgrounds in India

Zhao, Y.V., Bhattacharjea, S., & Alcott, B. (2022). Slippery slope: early learning and equity in rural India. Oxford Review of Education.

Secondary and post-secondary EMI policies on university students' English language attainment

Tai, K.W.H & Zhao, Y.V. (2022). Success Factors for English as a Second Language University Students’ Attainment in Academic English Language Proficiency: Exploring the Roles of Medium-of-Instruction and Learners’ Variable. Applied Linguistics Review.

Peer play and children's mental health development

Zhao, Y. V., & Gibson, J. L. (2022). Evidence for Protective Effects of Peer Play in the Early Years: Better Peer Play Ability at Age 3 Years Predicts Lower Risks of Externalising and Internalising Problems at Age 7 Years in a Longitudinal Cohort Analysis. Child Psychiatry & Human Development.

Autistic children's symbolic play and structural language outcomes

Zhao, Y. V., & Gibson, J. L. (2022). Solitary symbolic play, object substitution and peer role play skills at age 3 predict different aspects of age 7 structural language abilities in a matched sample of autistic and non-autistic children. Autism & Developmental Language Impairments, 7, 23969415211063824.

Social benefits of education in Ethiopian context

Sabates, R., Zhao, Y. V., Mitchell, R., & Ilie, S. (2021). Understanding the external social benefits of education in Ethiopia: A contextual analysis using Young Lives. Journal of Education Finance, 47(1), 45-70.

Post-16 education choices in England

Archer, R., Higton, J., Sibieta, L., Tahir, I., Trammell, L. T., Ilie, S., Vignoles, A., & Zhao, Y. V. (2021). The road not taken: the drivers of course selection: The determinants and consequences of post-16 education choices.

Review of PEDAL play research

Zhao, Y. V., Kulkarni, K., Gibson, J., Baker, S., & Ramchandani, P. G. (2019). Introducing the Play in education, Development and Learning (PEDAL) Research centre. International Journal of Play, 8(3), 308-319.

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