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Early home learning environment predicts future mathematical development

Zhao, Y.V. & Gibson, J. (2023). Early home learning support and home mathematics environment as predictors of children’s mathematical skills between age 4 and 6: a longitudinal analysis using video observations and survey data. Child Development.

Play more and play better: why play in early years is important for children's future language, mathematical and mental health development?  (Doctoral thesis)

Zhao, Y.V. (2022). Play more and play better: why play in early years is important for children's future language, mathematical and mental health development? (Doctoral thesis). 

Learning trajectories by children's initial achievement, private/government education provisions and sociodemographic backgrounds in India

Zhao, Y.V., Bhattacharjea, S., & Alcott, B. (2022). Slippery slope: early learning and equity in rural India. Oxford Review of Education.

Secondary and post-secondary EMI policies on university students' English language attainment

Tai, K.W.H & Zhao, Y.V. (2022). Success Factors for English as a Second Language University Students’ Attainment in Academic English Language Proficiency: Exploring the Roles of Medium-of-Instruction and Learners’ Variable. Applied Linguistics Review.

Peer play and children's mental health development

Zhao, Y. V., & Gibson, J. L. (2022). Evidence for Protective Effects of Peer Play in the Early Years: Better Peer Play Ability at Age 3 Years Predicts Lower Risks of Externalising and Internalising Problems at Age 7 Years in a Longitudinal Cohort Analysis. Child Psychiatry & Human Development.

Autistic children's symbolic play and structural language outcomes

Zhao, Y. V., & Gibson, J. L. (2022). Solitary symbolic play, object substitution and peer role play skills at age 3 predict different aspects of age 7 structural language abilities in a matched sample of autistic and non-autistic children. Autism & Developmental Language Impairments, 7, 23969415211063824.

Social benefits of education in Ethiopian context

Sabates, R., Zhao, Y. V., Mitchell, R., & Ilie, S. (2021). Understanding the external social benefits of education in Ethiopia: A contextual analysis using Young Lives. Journal of Education Finance, 47(1), 45-70.

Post-16 education choices in England

Archer, R., Higton, J., Sibieta, L., Tahir, I., Trammell, L. T., Ilie, S., Vignoles, A., & Zhao, Y. V. (2021). The road not taken: the drivers of course selection: The determinants and consequences of post-16 education choices.

Review of PEDAL play research

Zhao, Y. V., Kulkarni, K., Gibson, J., Baker, S., & Ramchandani, P. G. (2019). Introducing the Play in education, Development and Learning (PEDAL) Research centre. International Journal of Play, 8(3), 308-319.

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